What to Do in Cincinnati This Weekend: A Comprehensive Guide 2024

Introduction to What to Do in Cincinnati This Weekend

What to Do in Cincinnati This Weekend

As the weekend approaches, the vibrant city of Cincinnati offers a plethora of activities and attractions to explore. Whether you’re a local looking to rediscover your city or a visitor wanting to soak in all that Queen City has to offer, there’s no shortage of adventures awaiting. This guide will dive deep into what to do in Cincinnati this weekend, ensuring every moment is packed with enjoyment.

1. Explore the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Cincinnati Zoo

What to do in Cincinnati this weekend? Start your adventure at one of the oldest zoos in the United States, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. With a wide range of wildlife and lush botanical displays, it’s a place where nature lovers can spend hours marveling at exotic animals and vibrant plant life. Plan to:

  • Visit Fiona the Hippo, a local celebrity
  • Explore the newly opened Roo Valley for an immersive Australian experience
  • Enjoy a 4D theater experience that’s fun for the whole family

2. Discover the Cincinnati Art Museum

What to do in Cincinnati this weekend for art enthusiasts? The Cincinnati Art Museum, nestled in the scenic Eden Park, boasts an impressive collection of over 67,000 works. It’s a perfect spot for those looking to immerse themselves in cultural riches. Highlights include:

  • Free admission to the permanent collection
  • Special exhibitions that change regularly, offering something new for repeat visitors
  • Interactive activities for children, making it a great family outing

3. Stroll Through Findlay Market

Findlay Market

Findlay Market, Ohio’s oldest continuously operated public market, offers a vibrant culinary scene for foodies wondering what to do in Cincinnati this weekend. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Sample local delicacies like goetta or Cincinnati chili
  • Shop for fresh, local produce from regional farmers
  • Enjoy live music and street performances on a sunny afternoon

4. Take a Ride on the Cincinnati Bell Connector

What to do in Cincinnati this weekend to get around easily? Hop on the Cincinnati Bell Connector, the city’s modern streetcar system. It links major attractions across the Over-the-Rhine district, downtown, and The Banks. Make stops at:

  • Smale Riverfront Park, for breathtaking views of the Ohio River
  • The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center to learn about Cincinnati’s historical significance in abolitionism
  • Taste of Belgium on The Banks for their famous waffles

5. Experience the Thrills at Kings Island

Kings Island

Just a short drive from downtown, Kings Island offers another answer to what to do in Cincinnati this weekend, especially for thrill-seekers. With world-class roller coasters and a sprawling water park, it’s a must-visit. Don’t miss:

  • The Beast, the longest wooden roller coaster in the world
  • Soak City, is the perfect spot to cool down if you’re visiting during the summer
  • Planet Snoopy for younger visitors

6. Enjoy a Performance at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

What to do in Cincinnati this weekend for theater lovers? The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park offers outstanding theatrical performances. Check their schedule for the latest productions, which often include:

  • Broadway hits
  • Contemporary plays
  • Family-friendly performances

7. Catch a Game at the Great American Ball Park

Great American Ball Park

Sports fans pondering what to do in Cincinnati this weekend should catch a Cincinnati Reds game at the Great American Ball Park. Embrace the local sports culture and enjoy:

  • Stunning views of the Ohio River
  • Exciting baseball action
  • Delicious ballpark snacks

8. Attend a Festival or Event

Cincinnati is known for its vibrant festival scene. What to do in Cincinnati this weekend? Check out local listings for festivals, concerts, or special events happening around the city. From food festivals to art shows, there’s always something to celebrate in Cincinnati.


So, what to do in Cincinnati this weekend? Whether you’re exploring zoos, museums, markets, or enjoying local events, Cincinnati offers a diverse range of activities to suit all interests. Plan your weekend with this guide, and get ready to discover all the excitement and charm that Cincinnati has to offer!

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