Shane Gillis Returns: Triumphantly Reclaiming the Spotlight with SNL on 24th Feb- A Comeback Story

Comedian Shane Gillis is returning to host “Saturday Night Live” after being abruptly fired from the show in 2019 over remarks he made that were deemed offensive to women, LGBTQ+ people, and racial minorities. He’s getting ready to take the stage this week.


Shane Gillis AT snl

Shane Gillis was fired from “Saturday Night Live” a few days after it was announced that he would be joining the cast of Season 45 due to language in his comedy routines that the program deemed to be “offensive, hurtful, and unacceptable.”


Throughout his podcasts and other appearances, Gillis made disparaging remarks about comedy actor Chris Get Hard and filmmaker Judd Apatow, as well as using a homophobic slur and a racial slur directed at Chinese people. Additionally, he went after Senator Bernie Sanders and Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang (the latter having added the term “Jewish” at first).


Rather than disappearing into obscurity, Shane Gillis is making a fresh start this Saturday as a host on NBC’s storied Studio 8H stage.

Gillis has seen a sharp rise in popularity since being fired. His first YouTube special, which debuted in 2021, has received almost 24 million views. His podcast, “Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast,” has over 80,000 Patreon subscribers and is one of the most profitable podcasts out of thousands. It is renowned for making contentious statements as well. He continues to perform stand-up both domestically and internationally, and he just wrapped up a taxing tour.

When Netflix’s “Beautiful Dogs” debuted in September and spent a considerable amount of time in the top 10 list, he achieved unprecedented success. The New York Times comedy critic Jason Zinoman described the early scenes as “dumb and smart, arrogant and self-deprecating, homophobic but consistently self-aware,” stating that Gillis was able to walk the tightrope between parodying and engaging with the establishment in that special.

According to Zinoman, “If he performs in a comedy club, don’t be surprised.”

A few weeks prior, Bud Light announced a collaboration with Shane Gillis by sharing an Instagram photo of the comedian along with the message, “Welcome to the team.” Bud Light is having trouble reversing its downward trend in sales, which included a decline in sales the previous year due to opposition from Southern conservatives and an Instagram boycott movement spearheaded by trans activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Gillis’ offensive language past caught up with “SNL.” He didn’t exercise caution when hiring new employees. A spokesperson issued the following statement: “We want ‘SNL’ to have a variety of voices and perspectives within the show, and we hired Shane based on his talent as a comedian and his impressive audition for ‘SNL.'” Producer and seasoned executive producer Lorne Michaels released this statement. “We regret not seeing this clip earlier, and our review process was not up to our standards.”

Nevertheless, Shane Gillis asserted in 2021 that he had told “SNL” about the tone of his podcast during his debut on the contentious top podcast on Spotify, “The Joe Rogan Experience”. Gillis recalled that when Michaels asked if he had anything that he wanted them to look at, “They were like, ‘Oh, this is fine, don’t worry about it.'”

Representatives for Gillis did not respond to requests for comment.

Gillis said on social media after his remarks became public, but before he was fired, “I’m a comedian who pushes boundaries.” I occasionally miss.” He continued, “I would be happy to apologize to anyone who genuinely was hurt by something I said.”

Following his termination, he stated: “I accept their choice. I am appreciative of the chance. I’ve always been a fan of Mad TV,” he said, alluding to the competitor sketch show that Fox aired from 1995 to 2009.

Gillis will probably appear on “SNL,” next to Chloe Fineman and Bowen Yang. In his 50 years on the show, Yang was one of the first openly gay male comedians and the first Chinese-American cast member. Requests for comment from him went unanswered, and the “SNL” cast has mostly kept quiet about Gillis’s previous remarks and his planned return to the program.

With a parody of a post by Gillis about working alone and appearances by fellow cast members, Sara Sherman and Marcelo Hernandez, “SNL” teased this episode on YouTube on Wednesday.

In his room with the elephant on February 24, Gilis did not hold back; in his opening monologue, he calmly accepted its gunfire.
“I’m here,” he declared. I doubt that most of you are familiar with me. To be honest, I got fired from this show a while back. But don’t worry about that, you know what? Please don’t Google who I am if you don’t already know. It’s alright. Don’t stress over it.

Gilis was sacked from Saturday Night Live a mere week after he made his casting announcement. Executive producer Lorne Michaels addressed the matter by releasing a statement that read, “We want ‘SNL’ to have diverse voices and perspectives within the show, and we’ve decided to bring Shane onboard based on his comedic talent.” A strong “SNL” audition His earlier remarks that have come to light in recent days were unknown to us. His use of language was inappropriate, disrespectful, and objectionable. We regret not seeing this video sooner and that our screening procedure was not up to par.

Gilis also shared his thoughts on his firing on social media, writing, “It seems funny to give serious public statements for comedians, but here we are. As a comedian, I was quite sarcastic about being selected for SNL. It cannot be taken away. Yes, I knew it would be too distracting, but I still wanted to prove myself on Saturday Night Live. I honor their choice. I am appreciative of the chance. I mean, I’ve always been a little bit of a TV nut.”
Gilis co-hosted the well-liked podcast “Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast” after being fired in 2019 and started the Netflix comedy special “Shane Gillis: Beautiful Dogs,” which was released in 2023.

You can view Shane Gillis’s entire opening monologue below.

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