Russell Wilson’s Exciting Move: Steelers Secure $1.2 Million Deal for 2024

Russell Wilson is on his way to a new residence.

The nine-time Pro Bowl quarterback intends to sign a contract with the Steelers when the new league year begins on March 13; the deal will cost Pittsburgh $1.2 million in 2024, according to NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport’s report on Sunday night.

Russell Wilson


Russell Wilson played for the Seattle Seahawks, nearly reaching Hall of Fame status, and had an incredible first NFL landing. Then, he had two terrible seasons with the Denver Broncos, which will go down as one of the worst contracts and trades in NFL history.


Let’s now examine what the third act has in store. Wilson announced on social media on Sunday that Russell Wilson intends to sign a contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers, confirming multiple media reports. Although the deal’s terms were not disclosed, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that it was a one-year agreement.

Russell Wilson posts on X(former Twitter)

What can Wilson expect from Pittsburgh?

When the Broncos traded for Wilson two years ago, there was a lot of anticipation for the future. Nobody knows what’s in store this time.

Wilson’s career could not have been revived in a more ideal circumstance. The Steelers, who have skill on both sides of the ball and a well-liked head coach in Mike Tomlin, have just returned from another postseason trip.

They didn’t have a quarterback. Wilson’s signature and the fact that they selected Kenny Pickett in the second round two years ago indicate that the team has changed course. It provides them with a seasoned quarterback option who has won a Super Bowl and enjoyed significant success in the past.

Wilson wasn’t affected by the Steelers’ limited salary cap space because the Broncos owed him a sizable amount in 2024. Wilson could also sign for the veteran minimum with his new team because of offset language. Both parties gain from it. For the Steelers, it’s a risk-free acquisition, and Wilson has the opportunity to rewrite his legacy.Russell Wilson in a Match

The previous season, Russell Wilson got better.

It was thought that Sean Payton, who was hired by the Broncos a year ago as their head coach, was responsible for fixing Wilson. And Russell Wilson did, in a sense.

Wilson outperformed Nathaniel Hackett in a number of categories during the 2022 season. As the NFL’s head coach, Hackett was superior to Wilson, and the Broncos—well, Wilson included—were awful. Wilson appeared to be among the NFL’s worst quarterbacks during the previous campaign.

Wilson did not complete the extended contract or the work that the Broncos traded for him. He was better, but the Broncos ultimately decided to let him go and absorb a $85 million dead salary-cap hit. The previous season, his completion percentage increased from 60.5 in 2022 to 66.4. 26 touchdowns were completed by him, which is more than 16 from the previous campaign. His interceptions dropped from eleven to eight. Following the publication of an 84.4 passer rating on Hackett, He received a score of 98.

Russell Wilson wasn’t the player who made nine Pro Bowls in 10 Seahawks seasons, but he was better. Good enough to get another shot at his legacy at age 35.

Russell Wilson

Wilson shared a promo video for his 13th NFL season with the black and gold on social media.

After making his first visit to Pittsburgh on Friday, Wilson was granted permission to speak with prospective teams and officially enter free agency after learning on March 4 that he would be cut by the Broncos at the beginning of the league season.

Wilson shared a promo video for his 13th NFL season with the black and gold on social media.

After finding out on March 4 that he would be cut by the Broncos at the start of the league season, Wilson was given permission to speak with potential teams and formally enter free agency after making his first trip to Pittsburgh on Friday.

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