Justice Served: Rebecca Grossman Found Guilty in Fatal Accident – Faces Up to 34 Years in Prison

The world has taken notice of Rebecca Grossman’s conviction in the terrible deaths of two young brothers who were hit by her speeding car as they were crossing a Westlake Village street. Rebecca Grossman, known for her role as a co-founder of the Grossman Burn Foundation alongside her husband, Dr. Peter Grossman, faced a jury trial that culminated in her conviction on multiple charges, including two counts of murder and hit-and-run for the 2020 incident involving Mark and Jacob Iskander, aged 11 and 8 respectively. Sentencing is scheduled for April 10, potentially leading to a 34-year to life imprisonment for Grossman.

Rebecca Grossman

The courtroom atmosphere during the verdict’s announcement was tense, with spectators closely watching as the jury delivered its decision. Nancy Iskander, the boys’ mother, expressed relief at the verdict, attributing it to a long-awaited moment and giving credit to her faith. However, Rebecca Grossman’s main lawyer, Tony Buzbee, expressed surprise at the outcome and vowed to contest it.


The emotional impact of the guilty verdict reverberated through the courtroom, particularly evident in the reactions of Grossman’s daughter, Alexis, who broke down in tears. Judge Joseph Brandolino emphasized the importance of prompt justice, leading to Grossman being handcuffed by a deputy as Alexis expressed distress.


During the trial, jurors heard conflicting testimonies regarding Grossman‘s actions leading up to the fatal accident. Deputy District Attorney Jamie Castro argued that the incident was not a mere accident but a deliberate act, citing Grossman’s history of speeding and texting while driving. Defense attorney Tony Buzbee attempted to shift blame onto Scott Erickson, but prosecutors maintained that Grossman’s reckless driving was directly responsible for the tragic collision.


The prosecution presented evidence indicating Grossman’s excessive speeding, supported by the distance the victims were found from the crosswalk. However, defense experts disputed the reliability of this data, arguing that Grossman was traveling at a lower speed at the time of the crash.


The devastating loss of Mark and Jacob Iskander serves as a poignant reminder of the severe consequences of reckless driving. As legal proceedings continue, seeking justice remains a priority for the grieving family and the wider community.


Deputy District Attorney Ryan Gould expressed satisfaction that the trial remained focused despite attempts to distract with the Erickson dispute. “The evidence spoke for itself,” Gould noted, emphasizing the lack of indication of Erickson’s involvement.


The verdict marked a significant milestone for the Iskander family and the Westlake Village community, with the achievement of justice for the minors. Karim Iskander, the boys’ father, expressed gratitude to the jury for dismissing what he described as baseless conspiracy theories.


Nancy Iskander praised the prosecutors for their dedication, expressing gratitude for their efforts and the closure it brought to their family. Despite the impending sentencing, she expressed confidence in the legal process and reiterated her lack of animosity towards Grossman, acknowledging the tragedy for both families involved.


During the trial, Nancy Iskander testified to the harrowing moments leading up to the accident, underscoring the prosecution’s argument regarding Rebecca Grossman’s high-speed driving. Following the dramatic courtroom scene, Rebecca Grossman was found guilty on multiple charges related to the deaths of Mark and Jacob Iskander, with sentencing set for April 10.

Rebecca Grossman

The emotional intensity of the trial was palpable, with Rebecca Grossman’s daughter breaking down in tears as her mother was handcuffed following the verdict. Despite attempts to shift blame, the jury held Grossman accountable for the tragic loss of the Iskander brothers’ lives, highlighting the grave consequences of reckless driving.”

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