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From Primaries to Primetime: Nikki Haley’s SNL Breakthrough – 4 Key Takeaways!

Nikki Haley, the presidential candidate, made a remarkable presence at the cold opening of Saturday Night Live. She presented the “Live from New York” line, overshadowing her GOP rival, former President Donald Trump, after defeating him in the primaries.

nikki haley

In the CNN Town Hall, while playfully enacting the role of the “Concerned South Carolina Voter,” Nikki Haley asked the actor James Austin Johnson, portraying Trump, “Why won’t you debate Nikki Haley?”

“Oh God, it’s the woman who was in charge of security on January 6,” Johnson, as Trump, said, “It’s Nancy Pelosi.”

Haley then jokingly remarked, “Are you okay, Donald? You might need a mental fitness test.”

Johnson responded, “I passed it with flying colors. I’m 100% mentally fit. And I’m capable because I’m a man. Women shouldn’t run the economy, by the way. Just recently, a woman asked me for $83.3 million,” referring to E. Jean Carroll, who filed a defamation lawsuit against Trump last week in the context of the E. Jean Carroll defamation case.

“And you spent $50 million on your legal defense. Do you need some money?” she asked.

Afterward, Johnson started speaking loudly about consciousness, eventually stating, “I’m seeing dead people,” to which Nikki Haley replied, “That’s what voters will say when they see you and your name on the ballot.”

Trump’s Johnson attempted to flip the script by jokingly saying, “That wasn’t very good. I always treat you very nicely, except when I said you weren’t born in this country, even though you’re from South Carolina, and now I’m going to beat you in your state, in reality.”

“And did you win your home state in the last election?” Haley couldn’t help but flash a sly grin as she casually reminded everyone of Trump’s defeat to Vice President Biden in the 2020 New York election; her response was laced with subtle amusement.

During “Republican Town Hall,” actress Ayo Adebiri, who won an Emmy, asked a question, and Haley answered it. “I’m simply curious. What do you think led to the Civil War’s major cause? And do you believe that “lavery” is where it finishes and “S” is where it begins?” Adebiri enquired.

“Yes, maybe I should have said it the first time,” Haley replied before delivering the show’s iconic punchline, “And live from New York, it’s Saturday night!”

Haley has faced criticism for her December Town Hall, where she claimed that the roots of the country’s most devastating war lay in the government imposing boundaries on its people, but failed to mention the “peculiar institution” of slavery in the context of the Antebellum South. Her reaction.

After the backlash, Haley stated that “definitely” slavery was the cause, also acknowledging that it was “given.” She uploaded the entire cold opening segment on her ex-account immediately after her presence and deleted it, only to re-upload it about an hour later.

She kept her comments on the joke about “seeing dead people” and mentioned that she had “stirred up a storm on CNN,” but was stopping it because “Donald’s bedtime has passed, so I’m waiting for the barrage of unhinged tweets in the morning.”

The peculiar behavior drew attention to Trump’s camp, with Trump’s advisor sharing a screenshot of the original tweet by GOP contender Dave Davedar and questioning why Nikki keeps deleting her SNL video that she posted here.

Later, Davedar uploaded the video to his profile, claiming that Haley failed in her attempt to attack Trump but embarrassed

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