Empathizing with Millie Bobby Brown: Understanding the Backlash and 3 Ways to Combat Cyberbullying

A lot of individuals are criticizing Millie Bobby Brown harshly on the internet, labeling her a Zionist and advising others to avoid seeing her upcoming movie. In this post, we will not only understand the backlash but also explore 3 measure to combat cyberbullying

Millie Bobby Brown

On October 7th, the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas attacked southern Israel, resulting in the deaths of over 1,200 people and the capture of another 250. Israel declared war on Hamas and began airstrikes against the organization’s headquarters in the Gaza Strip, a neighbor. Before ground assaults began at the end of October, the supply of food, energy, fuel, and medicine in the region had been cut off.

Many people are viciously condemning Millie Bobby Brown online, calling her a Zionist and telling others not to see her upcoming film. Since Hamas initiated a shocking attack on Israel in October, many prominent figures have faced criticism for speaking out or remaining silent about the conflict.

The lack of an official response from Brown, the Stranger Things actress who plays Damsel on Netflix, has angered many people. Some have taken her silence as approval of the crimes committed in Gaza.

When the trailer for the film premiering on March 8th was posted on various platforms, including Twitter, people commented accusing Brown of being a Zionist.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a Zionist is someone who “supports, is connected with, or is related to a political movement whose original aim was to create a country for Jewish people and who now supports the state of Israel.”

People have rallied behind the actress to express their disappointment. One person shared the trailer again, writing: “Reminder to not support. Millie Bobby Brown is a Zionist. She has said she would like to visit Israel, her manager is a Zionist, her best friend is a Zionist, she actively ignores boycotts like Starbucks, and refuses to talk about Palestine despite being a UNICEF ambassador.”

Another user posted, “Millie Bobby Brown is a Zionist. Not watching the film. Nope.”

A third person wrote, “Isn’t it disgusting when celebrity supporters of genocide play roles like heroes and heroines? These people are just behind the script and understand nothing. How much talent and storytelling is wasted on this Zionist.”

A fourth said, “She’s a Zionist… boycott Millie Bobby Brown.”

Another added, “Here come the Zionist accusations!!” Before adding: “As bad as it will be, because Millie is not Jewish, but she is associated with a Zionist organization, and that’s very bad!! Okay.”

This post references the fact that Brown is friends with fellow Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp. Schnapp’s remarks regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict have made news in recent months, resulting in phone calls being canceled and boycott threats for the upcoming fifth season of the science fiction series.

Others on the internet, though, have defended Brown.

“You realize if anyone doesn’t want to participate in a boycott, they’re not obligated to. I’ve occasionally bought Starbucks in the past few months because I was thirsty and wanted one, does that make me a Zionist? No,” one person posted.

Another ex-user commented, “I don’t think she’s a Zionist, she’s the world’s most beautiful, most talented woman, and an incredible actress. I like Millie Bobby Brown.”

A third person wrote about Brown’s new film, “Looking good, can’t wait to stream it.”

Millie Bobby Brown

Following the actress’s joyous celebration of her 20th birthday on Monday, these posts emerged. They seem to mark a new chapter in her journey, reflecting on the milestones achieved and dreams ahead. In Damsel, she plays the role of Princess Elodie, a young woman who is deceived into marrying a prince but is sacrificed to a dragon as per a long-standing tradition, as she struggles to fight against the deadly practice for her life.

Based on a fairy tale, this unique rendition also stars Angela Bassett and Robin Wright alongside the famous British actor Ray Winston.

Though this incident happened with Millie Bobby Brown, a public figure, it can happen to anyone. To combat such situations, below are three measures to combat cyberbullying:

  1. Promote Digital Literacy and Critical Thinking: Encourage individuals to critically evaluate the information they encounter online. Teach them to recognize bias, misinformation, and hate speech. By empowering individuals with digital literacy skills, they can better navigate online spaces and understand the motivations behind cyberbullying.
  2. Report and Block: Encourage victims of cyberbullying to report abusive behavior to the appropriate platforms and authorities. Most social media platforms have mechanisms in place to report harassment and abuse. Additionally, individuals can block or mute users who engage in harmful behavior, reducing their exposure to cyberbullying.
  3. Foster Empathy and Respect: Promote empathy and respect for others, both online and offline. Encourage individuals to consider the human impact of their words and actions on social media. By fostering a culture of empathy and respect, we can create a more inclusive and supportive online community where cyberbullying is less likely to occur.

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