Trump Gains Momentum: DeSantis Drops 2024 Bid, Endorses Former President – The Ripple Effect

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Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has declared his support for Donald Trump and chosen to withdraw from the 2024 presidential contest. He pulled out of the New Hampshire Republican primary, where he was up against a formidable opponent with single-digit polls.

DeSantis, who was formerly thought to be a serious contender for the party’s candidacy, declared on Sunday that he lacks a “clear path to victory.” Days before he was scheduled to go on Trump in the state-by-state contests that preceded the general election in November, he made this decision.

Nikki Haley, the final significant opponent of President Biden, declared herself to be the “only one” who could beat him. Haley won an election in Iowa with 51% of the vote, and she is anticipated to challenge Trump in the Republican primary. The majority of Republican voters, according to DeSantis, want to give “Donald Trump another chance.”

Decrying “disagreements” with the outgoing president, DeSantis declared that Trump was “better” than Biden, who is expected to be the Democratic nominee in the general election scheduled for November. DeSantis said, “I have pledged my support to the Republican nominee, and I will honor that pledge.”

Cheers broke out as Trump addressed DeSantis’ withdrawal and endorsement on Sunday afternoon in front of a crowded throng of supporters in New Hampshire. At a rally later, Trump addressed the crowd and complimented his former opponent, calling him a “really fantastic person” who conducted “a truly good campaign, which is not easy.”

Ron DeSantis

DeSantis ran on a platform of being a drama-free, baggage-free Republican who could carry out Trump’s local agenda. But Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, one of the event speakers, called him “Diet Trump.” Although they thought DeSantis wasn’t the ideal candidate, some of Trump’s fans told the BBC that they liked him.

The sixty-year-old Lin Mason stated that she “expected more from him” and that she felt DeSantis’ campaign was “a bit weak.” She continued, “Trump is the only person at this time who can save this country.”

In agreement, Bethany Tatro, another local supporter, said, “I think President Trump has already proven that he can do it while in office and can get things back on track.”

Following a seven-month campaign, DeSantis made his decision. On Sunday, he posted a nearly five-minute video to Twitter in which he said, “We have left everything on the field.” He pledged to keep up the effort if necessary and to do all it takes to produce positive outcomes.

With 51% of the vote in Iowa, Governor DeSantis has firmly established his endorsement of Trump. According to DeSantis, it’s evident that most Republican voters wish to “give Donald Trump another chance.”

As the Republican primary unfolds in the upcoming months, more developments in the political environment are probably in store, with Trump consolidating his lead and DeSantis aligning himself with the party’s dominant viewpoint. Even as the circumstances surrounding the 2024 presidential contest continue to change, DeSantis’ choice to support Trump is perceived as a calculated maneuver aimed at strengthening his position within the Republican base.

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